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Storing wine in a wine cellar, wine room, or wine cabinet requires certain conditions. For example, the temperature and humidity conditions, that are maintained by the built-in refrigeration units. This has a direct impact on the taste and quality of the wine.
Temperature. The best temperature to store wine is a constant temperature. It is considered that the ideal temperature for wine storage is from 15ºF to 57ºF. Long-term storage of different varieties of wine is carried out at a temperature of 50ºF to 61ºF. At lower temperatures, the maturation process slows down; at higher temperatures, the wine ages faster. General rules:

  •   43ºF for sparkling wines;
  •   47-54ºF for white wines;
  •   55-6457ºF  for red wines.

Air humidity. Even if the wine is securely sealed, there is still gas exchange between the contents of the bottle and the environment. If the air is too dry, the liquid evaporates faster. A humidity of 60-70% is optimal for storing wine. Lower humidity causes corks to dry out, higher humidity causes mold and deterioration of labels.

Because of the importance of maintaining a certain temperature and humidity regime, the main task of a wine storage space owner is to ensure the proper functioning of the refrigeration unit in the wine cellar, wine room, as well as in the wine cabinet.

The Moscato company offers selection and installation, as well as maintenance of climatic equipment to maintain all the necessary parameters for wine storage in any room of your home, cottage, or restaurant.

The service of your refrigeration system must be carried out regularly. Please contact us, and we will be happy to find the service interval that is suitable specifically for your refrigeration unit

Operating conditions of the equipment

Service intervals for the refrigeration unit

  • City apartment: 1 time per year
  • Suburban housing: Every 1-2 years
  • Office, store, enterprise: 2-4 times a year