True wine connoisseurs know that wine is subject to change. They say that wine gets better over time. This is not always the case: if the wine is stored in unsuitable conditions, the taste of even the rarest of varieties could be disappointing. That's why our company Moscato offers several storage options to preserve the taste of wine for a long time.

Wine cellar storage

The wine cellar is the oldest solution for storing wine. However, it offers ideal conditions for a large collection. There is no damaging sunlight in the wine cellar, and the temperature and humidity are maintained at a constant level. Finally, the cellar is a quiet place where the bottles will not move, which is very important for storage.

Wine storage rooms

Modern equipment makes it possible to create special rooms for storing a full wine collection. The right temperature and humidity are always maintained in such rooms. Light can be turned on only when necessary, which is very good for wine maturation. An elegant wine room can be created even in an apartment, it will help to reflect the taste and design style of the owner. Wine room furniture is always made of natural materials that maintain the right microclimate and do not harm the bottles.

Storing wine in cabinets

A cabinet is a good solution for the long-term storage of a diverse set of several dozen bottles. There are several types of cabinets in which wine can be stored:

  • A small refrigerator, designed only to cool the wine before serving;
  • A climatic cabinet that generates a constant temperature and maintains humidity;
  • A combination or multi-temperature cabinet in which you can both store the wine and prepare it for serving.