About Moscato

Moscato is a company, which provides a full range of services to create and equip your own wine cellars and wine rooms, as well as wine cabinets. Starting from the design considering all the wishes and needs of customers and ending with installation and work on thermal insulation and air conditioning.

We are engaged in the construction and creation of elite wine cellars that meet the highest standards of quality. Our products are distinguished by their originality, as created by designers according to individual customer orders. We pay special attention to each client at all stages of work - from the first call to our manager to post-warranty service of products by specialists of our company. We guarantee the quality performance of the order just in time.

Moscato wine cellars are not just a place for storing wine. Each of our projects is unique and made with a soul, taking into account all the nuances of construction and design. Moscato is a company focused on people with a sense of taste who understand not only the exquisite wine varieties but also the value of wine cellars.

The creation of wine cellars is a tradition rooted deep in history, without which wine connoisseurs and all wealthy people, in general, could not imagine their houses. Our company maintains the continuity of centuries-old traditions of wine storage, making quality products of the highest level.

Moscato - prestige and quality of centuries-old tradition!